乐博平台APP的使命 咨询中心 是为了提高恩伯里-里德尔学生的情感健康. 乐博平台APP相信良好的心理健康是整体健康的关键部分, 健康的身体是学术成功的必要条件. We support students' academic experience by providing brief mental health counseling and 咨询 services that help them identify barriers, 提高应对, 实现个人和学业目标.

大学生活充满挑战和压力. 在大学的某个时候, 许多学生感到焦虑, 抑郁, 不确定的, 困惑, 或者不知所措. 他们可能会向朋友寻求帮助, 家庭成员, 重要的人, 但在某些情况下, 受过训练的专业人士的帮助是有益的. 咨询中心提供了一种平静, 友好的, 和支持性的环境,让学生解决任何问题或担忧.

All counseling contacts are strictly confidential in accordance with Florida state privacy laws. 咨询记录对任何人都是保密的, 无论是在校内还是校外, 没有学生的书面许可. The only time confidentiality will be broken is in the case of a life threatening situation when a student is at risk of harming him or herself or someone else, 或者有理由相信一个孩子, 老人, 或者残疾人被虐待. 保密 may also be broken if a court order mandates that records be released or if the university mandates disclosure in response to a lawsuit. 咨询 records are not kept as part of a student's academic or administrative records, but will be retained in the 咨询中心 for seven (7) years after the last counseling contact with the department.


  • 教育计划、活动和演讲
  • 每周在校报上发表文章 军用飞机
  • 免费,匿名在线评估和资源通过乐博平台APP的 厄尼 网站
  • Referral for long-term counseling and/or specialized services as needed
  • 必要时转介精神科评估及/或药物治疗

ERAU咨询中心的工作人员承诺提供安全的服务, 欢迎所有学生,不论性别, 性别表达, 性别认同, 种族, 比赛, 语言, 文化, 宗教/信仰, 性取向, 国家的起源, 移民身份, 年龄, 大小, 身心能力, 和/或社会经济地位. We aim to demonstrate diversity through our work with individual counseling, 咨询, 宣传演讲, 以及程序开发. 在乐博平台APP的职业角色中, we stand at the intersection of diversity and mental/emotional health by recognizing the impact of diversity on all individuals such as 歧视, 刻板印象, 压迫, 偏见, 文化适应, 以及身份发展.

We make an effort to promote the acceptance and understanding of individuals with diverse backgrounds and to educate ourselves and others on diversity-related matters. 乐博平台APP努力做到肯定, 尊重, and open minded to individuals with diverse backgrounds not only among ourselves within the 咨询中心, 而是在整个校园社区通过乐博平台APP与所有学生的接触, 工作人员, 教师, 和管理员. 乐博平台APP不仅想分享这一愿景, but we hope to contribute to the reduction of problems such as 偏见, 歧视, 和剥削.

We strive to recognize when our multiple identities affect how we may relate to or work with our colleagues and the individuals we serve. It is part of our professional responsibility to gain continuing education for ourselves regarding individuals of diverse backgrounds. We work towards recognizing and understanding the value of our similarities and differences. We respect the freedom for people to remain committed to personal values.

We see the richness and benefit of living in a multicultural society at large and at the University. 乐博平台APP希望咨询中心的个人, 在校园, 并在鹰族社区内感到平静, 去生活,做自己.

咨询 often involves the disclosure of sensitive and personal information. Professional ethics codes and state laws consider information discussed between a counselor and client (18 years and older) to be strictly confidential. 你们在心理咨询中分享的信息, 包括你使用过乐博平台APP的服务, 不会透露给任何人(包括大学官员, 教师, 工作人员, 父母, 或外部机构)未经您的书面许可. 咨询 records are not part of 你的 academic or administrative records, but will be retained in the 咨询中心 for seven (7) years after 你的 last counseling contact with the department.


  1. 对自身的伤害: If there is evidence a student poses a clear and immediate probability of harming themselves, 他们不愿意或无法遵循治疗建议, 咨询师可以寻求非自愿住院. 当发生这种情况时,大学将尝试通知家庭成员.
  2. 对他人的伤害: If a counselor has reason to believe a student is threatening physical violence against another, they may be required to take action to ensure the other person is protected. 这种行动可能包括联系警方, 通知预定的受害者, 寻求非自愿住院治疗. If there is concern a student may eng年龄 in risky behavior potentially resulting in serious harm to the student and/or the public, 辅导员可以联系其他校园资源:校园安全, 学生或健康服务主任.
  3. 虐待/忽视儿童/长者/残疾人士: Counselors who know or reasonably suspect a minor or a vulnerable adult is being abused, 被忽视的, or exploited are legally obligated to report this information to appropriate state 年龄ncies.
  4. 法院传票: A court-ordered subpoena can require the 咨询中心 to release information contained in records or for a counselor to testify in a court hearing.
  5. 起诉大学: 当有人起诉学校的时候, ERAU's General Counsel can require the 咨询中心 release records to them when disclosure is deemed relevant to the lawsuit.
  • Students must be currently attending classes at the DB campus to be eligible for services
  • 服务是免费的
  • 约会安排在整点
  • 任命限制: eight (8) appointments per semester, four (4) appointments per summer term
  • 夫妻咨询: 必须是目前在DB上课的学生
  • 取消和关系: 如果你不能赴约, 请在预约前24小时致电386-226-6035. 乐博平台APP星期一至星期五上午8点营业.m.-5 p.m. 但你可以在下班后留言
  • 旷课: 如果你在预约之前取消,你将失去这些课程, meaning that one counseling session is deducted from 你的 semester limit.
  • 来晚的人: 约会迟到15分钟, 可能会导致约会被取消,并被视为未出席

电子邮件不是一种安全的交流方式. It is inappropriate to use email to convey information of a personal or urgent matter. Please call the 咨询中心 at 386-226-6035 to scheduled/change/cancel appointments. The 咨询 Center will ONLY contact you (email/phone) with 你的 consent as indicated on 你的 client paperwork.


辅导员在下班后和周末都不会随叫随到. 以下危机干预服务全天候提供:

  • 电话1-800 - 273说(8255): 生命线危机热线
  • 文本帮助到741-741: 危机文本行
  • 我的SSP标志MySSP: ERAU has partnered with MySSP to provide emergency and ongoing support to all ERAU students via 24/7 texting and phone. Students can access helpful resources and virtual counseling services in 你的 preferred 语言 and during evening and weekend hours. MySSP对来自美国境内任何地方的ERAU学生开放.S. 或在国际上.


健康中心综合大厦. 502


秋季和春季: Monday-Friday,
8 a.m.-5 p.m.

桑玛: Monday-Thursday, 
7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.


  • 校园安全:
    386 - 226安全(7233)
  • 预防自杀热线: 
    800 - 273说(8255)
  • 强奸危机热线: 
  • 家庭暴力热线: 
  • 灾难求助热线: 
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